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Backup software programCloud Backup Robot is one of the best backup software on the market today. Though there are plenty of individual things to love about the service, its simplicity is what sets it high above the competition. Everything from its features to its pricing to actually using it are kept straightforward and intuitive so everyone can use it effectively and without hassle.

So What Exactly Does Cloud Backup Robot Do?

If you’ve never used an backup software like Cloud Backup Robot before, then you might be wondering what exactly it does.

Fortunately, the way that these services work is simple to understand. They work in much the same way as traditional backup software. Because even the best computer doesn’t last forever, these services simply backup your files, data, and information to an outside source.

In the case of Cloud Backup Robot, your information is transmitted over the Internet to one of several cloud storage services. These include Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Amazon S3. Copies are made of your files, folders, and even SQL Server backups.

The great thing about using a cloud-based backup service for your computer is that it is so safe. If your computer is damaged, you’re files are fine. If it is stolen, your files are fine. If it breaks from normal wear and tear, your files are fine. The applications for such a service for both personal and business use are extensive.

Features of Cloud Backup Robot

It’s hard to beat Cloud Backup Robot in terms of features. Like other cloud backup services, it backs up the existing data on your computer automatically. The options for scheduling these updates are extensive and can be set to your personal preferences (many people choose automatic updates when files are changed). Basically, this means that every piece of your important information is sent to the cloud where it is safely stored.

So those are the basics of what Cloud Backup Robot offers. Beyond these, however, are a whole lot more features. These include:

  • Quick and fast configuration
  • Supports Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Amazon S3
  • Backups of files & folders
  • SQL Server backup
  • Removes unnecessary backup files
  • AES-257 encryption available
  • Comes with free backup restoration software


Cloud Backup Robot is one of the best cloud-based online backup services in the business today. The software comes with an extensive list of features and is competitively priced. It is also incredibly easy to use, which is of utmost importance when it comes to your valuable computer information and data.

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